Processing and Control for Professional AV Installations


Create custom and easy-to-use SymVue Control Screens in minutes. Using Composer’s SymVue export feature, Control Screens can feature control objects, indicators, labels and custom branding. GUIs can be as simple or as complicated as you need, with multi-page navigation and multiple access levels. SymVue can even allow control of third-party devices and full system preset recall.

Series Features

  • Rapid Composer-based GUI authoring.
  • Created and tested offline – no scripting required.
  • 3 Target Platforms: Control Server, T5, Windows.
  • Total control of colors, fonts, symbols, custom graphics.
  • Always in sync with ARC and 3rd party control systems.
  • Control Server version supports browser-enabled devices.

GUIs come to life in Minutes – Not Days.  Using Composer’s SymVue export feature commonly adjusted control objects, indicators, and labels are chosen and configured into sets of attractive, easily accessible multi-user screens – created and tested offline without any script writing or coding.

Three Target Hardware Platforms.  Symetrix Control Server, Symetrix T5 Touchscreens, and Microsoft Windows computers and tablets.

Total Control.  With SymVue, designers exercise complete discretion over colors, fonts, custom symbols and graphics to satisfy their customers’ exact requirements.

Always In Sync.  SymVue control screens work alongside Symetrix ARC Wall Panels, ARC-WEB, and 3rd party control systems. Parameter changes and indicators on all control devices are kept in perfect synchronization.

The Benefits of Symetrix Control Server.  Virtually any HTML browser-enabled device (an Apple iPad, for example) can connect to Control Server and in turn provide multi-touch control of Symetrix DSPs and select third party audio and video hardware.

SymVue Licensing.  SymVue is licensed without charge for an unlimited number of Symetrix T5 Touchscreen and Windows configurations. Five SymVue for Control Server configurations are free of charge with additional licenses available for purchase in blocks of five.

Frequently Asked Questions

Control Screens & SymVue

  • Can a preset be triggered when SymVue changes to a given control screen?

    Yes! Control screen viewer buttons can be set to trigger a preset from the button's properties panel in Composer.

  • Can I use multiple controlling devices with SymVue control screens?

    Yes. Composer and DSP programming will respond to multiple controlling devices in real-time. For example; a control screen on a T-7 touchscreen can work in coordination with a control screen exported to Control Server. Control will also work in combination with any of our physical control panels such as the ARC-3.

  • Why is my control screen showing some controls with a red exclamation point and/or a timeout error “Not yet received subscription response”?

    This usually means the control subscriptions between the controlling device and the site file/DSP programming has failed or hasn’t been updated. In most cases re-exporting the control screen configuration with “Go online with Composer site file” checked will also update the DSP archive and correct this issue. This error can also be due to IP conflicts on the network. 

  • Can I trigger a control screen to change/appear by a button press or logic?

    At this time, SymVue control screens are not dynamic (as ARC-3 Dynamic Menus are) and cannot be triggered by button presses, logic, or other catalysts than control screen viewer buttons. However, control screen viewer buttons can be programmed to trigger a preset when pressed. This setting is located in the control screen viewer button properties.