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FAQ: I/O Expansion Cards – 4 Channel Digital Input or Output Cards

FAQ: I/O Expansion Cards – 4 Channel Digital Input or Output Cards

Does the 4 Channel Digital Input Card have sample rate conversion? Yes, it will accept any rate from 12 kHz

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FAQ: ARC-Series Controllers

ARC-Series Controllers How many ARCs can I daisy-chain together? The number of ARCs that can be daisy chained together will vary depending on the type of ARCs used and the

FAQ: Networked Audio

When will Dante work on OSX Yosemite? Dante Virtual Sound card now supports OS X Yosemite. Does Via use ASIO drivers? Dante Via will appear as both ASIO and

FAQ: I/O Expanders – xOut 12 and xIn 12

Can the xIn 12 input setting be controlled from ARC remotes, SymVue, or 3rd party control systems? No, the input settings can only be adjusted when using SymNet Composer. Can

FAQ: W-Series Controllers

What can be controlled with the buttons on a W Series? The button can be configured to adjust any function in a Symetrix DSP that is controllable. In addition, Symetrix

FAQ: General

Are Symetrix Products Microsoft Teams Certified? Symetrix is a Microsoft Partner*. Symetrix products are Microsoft Teams compatible**. * Microsoft Partner website ** Microsoft Teams Compatible: Provides the same functionality as certified

FAQ: Composer

What software do I use to configure the Solus NX? Solus NX is configured via the award winning Composer CAD based design software. Will the original Solus models be supported

FAQ: Zone Mix 761

Where do I find the latest firmware for my DSP? The latest firmware is always bundled with the latest software.  There is no need to manage the firmware independently. What